Treating Addictions with Chinese Medicine


Dr.Chi is an experienced acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist. I have successfully treated various conditions. Addiction is one of them. I use advanced techniques to help patients relax and become calm and happy without gaining weight. Many patients have been helped through out special treatment.

Does It Work?

Chinese medical doctors have a very unique perspective at everything. Addictions to smoking, drugs and alcohol indicate that you are under stress. You keep doing it to release your stress and forget about the whole world. Unfortunately, smoking, drugs and alcohol are all harmful to your body. In most cases of addiction, patients' tongues are deep red, with a yellow coating. That means fire, heat and tension rate in your body. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs are very good at releasing stress in order to get the fire and heat out of your body. When you have a consultant and treatment with us, you will feel that you haven't only quit smoking, but that you have also enhanced your ability to overcome yourself and rebuild yourself esteem. You know that taking care of your own health is of the utmost importance. No health insurance policy will teach you how to take care of yourself, no matter how good your policy is. The key to having a healthy body is in your hands. When you quit smoking, drinking, and drug abuse with us, you will have a good, healthy diet, and a low-stress life style.

How many treatments will I need?

In general, we will see you for 1 to 3 sessions for acupuncture. In a few cases, you may go back to smoking again. Then you will need another 1 or 3 additional treatments. Ideally, we would like to make sure you quit smoking completely.

Will I Gain Weight if I Quit Smoking, Drinking, Or Doing Drugs?

No. We will take care of it at the very beginning by prescribing Chinese herbs to curb your appetite, while releasing your inner fire, heat, and tension.

What Kind of Herbs Do You Use for Controlling Addictions?

We use herbal mixtures that are specifically suited towards addiction to smoking, alcohol drugs. The two types of herbs work together. One is for calming the spirit and relaxing. The other one is for curbing your appetite.

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