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A big Thank You to Dr. Chi

January 2014, Testimony from Robbie T.

Testimony of Dr. Yingchun Chi's Services

I had a light stroke in late October of 2013. I was in the hospital for 4 weeks for recovery. The stroke

affect the nerves on the left side of my face severely. As a result, my nerves in my left eye were ‘sleep" 

which caused me not to have control of the movement of my left eyeball. I experienced severe pain 

and my eyelid would not open on its own. I had been going to therapy for my eye for three weeks until 

my daughter found Dr.Chi. I visited with Dr. Chi twice a week for a month. I can honestly say after my 

first acupuncture treatment with Dr.Chi my left eyelid came alive. It felt like a weight was lifted. After 

several more appointments my eyelid fully opened and my eyeball no longer just laid in the left corner 

of my eye.I had full control of my eyeball. The nerves had awaken and I could see 100%.

Not only did Dr. Chi's services help me to recover after my stroke physically BUT emotionally I feel so much

 better and happier. Thank you so much for your concern, patience and encouragement Dr. Chi!

Robbie T. 


If you're considering acupuncture, I highly recommend a visit to Chi's Acupuncture and Tui Na Center in 

Madison or Janesville, Wisconsin.

For over a year I experienced cancer treatment side effects including: severe headaches, 

neuropathy, fatigue and sleeplessness. I took pain medication until I noticed that the whites of my eyes

began to yellow. I had to find a new way of treating the pain. I decided to give acupuncture 

a try.I found Dr. Yingchun Chi by using a search engine - keywords acupuncture, Wisconsin. 

After one treatment my headaches decreased 

in severity and frequency. I continued with treatment and before long Dr. Chi was able to do for me what 

no western medical doctor could achieve. She made the headaches stop! She shows genuine concern for 

her patients and treats the whole body ~ a rare quality in today's high-speed assembly-line medical environment.  

With continued treatment my fatigue decreased and my sleep improved. The whites of my eyes 

cleared up. The circulation in my hands and feet increased. Today, I feel healthy. Dr. Chi has given me my

 life back.

Thank you! Kristine  Dexheimer

Jan. 2011 


Testimony from Michael  Brandmeier

My Vocal Polyps are gone

I am a professional singer/songwriter. I was diagnosed with three polyps on my vocal cords.  A singer's 

worst nightmare. I saw two different doctors who thought surgery would probably be the best & 

probably the only route to take. I just refused to go under the knife for this feeling there had to be 

a better way, knowing the rehab was intense and that surgery can sometimes leave scar tissue which 

can affect the voice. I think about acupuncture and found Dr. Chi through my insurance. Before I start 

acupuncture, I am not sure and a little afraid of needles.  But I like to give it to a try. So I went to Chi's 

Acupuncture and Tui Na Center. I was told these polyps could be healed via acupuncture and 

Chinese herbs.    I saw two different, very well respected, ENT doctors. Both said surgery was the end 

result.  I did see a  vocal  therapist,  which they  recommend I do.  This  helped me in correcting the speech 

and singing habits which may have helped cause the polyps.  In May of 2011  I went to Chi's Acupuncture, 

she gave me acupuncture treatment weekly and same time I took Chinese herbal medicine that she 

prescribed for me until August, 2011.    I went back and saw the vocal therapist, we took new videos 

and pictures of my throat. To sum up the reaction of the technician as she looked at the new pictures 

of my vocal cords, her reaction was "I AM SHOCKED, GONE!".  I was just thrilled.  Of the three polyps,

 there was only one very, very small remnant of one left. The other two were completely gone, as 

smooth as can be.  I continued acupuncture and Chinese herbs after that.  I finally was able get into 

the ENT Doctor again in Feb. of 2012.  The doctor was shocked to see them gone! He said:" It's a 

miracle". Now I realized the acupuncture not only helped my vocal polyps but also helped my immune 

system. During the flu season, when my whole family was getting sick I was OK for the great percentage

of the time. It also helps with my general energy for life. I want say "Thank you, Dr. Chi."        

Date:   03/02/2012 ;      Michael Brandmeier    www.michaelbrandmeier.com


Testimonial from Dr. James H.

 August 10th, 2012

I am a retired dentist. On my left shoulder I have leftover pain from the flu shot for one year.  I expected  

the pain will go away by itself few weeks after the shot. But it never happened. I try the different ways 

to relieve the pain, they were only helped very temperately.  I think acupuncture may help me. Two weeks 

ago I looked up the phone book; I found Dr. Chi and started acupuncture treatments.  It surprised me 

after one acupuncture treatment, 70% of my pain was gone. After the second acupuncture session 

100% of pain was gone. I am very, very happy.  Then I went few more 

sessions for stability and general wellness.

The acupuncture is amazing to me. I thank Dr. Chi and I like her a lot. She is professional and kind. 


June, 12, 2012

Testimonial from Dr. M C

I am a retired doctor and over eighty-years old. I suffered from severe leg spasms for two years. 

I can never get good sleep since I had this problem.  I tried different traditional western ways to 

resolve this problem, but nothing works.  I think acupuncture might help me, then I found 

Dr. Chi from phone book. I started first acupuncture treatment on Sep. 12th, 2011.  

My leg spasms got relief within a few days of the fist treatment. I tried acupuncture twice 

a week for a few weeks, then once a week for a while, then once every two weeks or even 

longer for maintenance.  Right now I do not have spasms on legs, my sleeping is good since 

acupuncture treatment and  I have more energy during the day.  I am very happy about that. 

The acupuncture also helped my chronic vertigo with dizziness. Before the acupuncture

treatment, sometimes I easily lose balance, now I am much better.Dr. Chi is very professionally 

competent, she is outgoing and pleasant to know.  

April 4, 2006
I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia some time ago, which causes a lot of pain and discomfort all over
the body. I also suffered from fatigue, bleeding hemorrhoids, bloating, bleeding in the eyes due to Macular
degeneration and other problems, which I forgot about since they all disappeared after
acupuncture treatment.
I am very thankful to my doctor for suggesting I try acupuncture and to Dr. chi for listening to my
problems with patience and for giving me the help, which was so needed.

Head, Neck and Shoulder Pain
On June 9, 2003 I was involved in an auto accident. Immediate problems were head, neck and shoulder pain.
Medical attention was sought and was very fortunate to have had only a "orbital floor fracture", extreme
bruising. It was at that time that medical advice was that I had " soft tissue injuries" and should not expect
quick relief. It was not until eight months later that everything fell into place and I experienced a lot of pain
discomfort. My option was pain medication which I felt would only mask the problems.
It was at this time a friend suggested acupuncture. Needless to say my fear of needles did not make this
an adventure I was anxious about doing. Little did I know it would be my salvation. Dr. Chi has done so
much for me concerning my recovery and is so understanding and listens to any and all concerns I have had.
My fear of needle pain is gone and the results have been awesome.
J. M. January, 2006

                                                                           Arthritis, Joints pain

           I have arthritis in my chest, knees, and right shoulder for ten years. I am also having pain in my hips. 
The pain in my sternum was very severe, it caused breathing difficulty and very painful to cough. 
My knee was aching, stiff and swollen.  My shoulder was painful and hard to move.  I have been seeing
a Rheumatologist for several years.   His diagnosis is Reactive Arthritis, he drained liquid from my knee
and put me on an anti-inflammatory drug.  I would have to have blood work done on a regular basis to
monitor liver function.  The drugs sometimes damage the liver. The pain was under control as long as
I took the drugs.  The swelling did not go away. I found Dr. Chi in the phone book.  She has an
office in Middleton and Janesville witch works very well for me.  I had first acupuncture treatment
from her, all my pain relived within 24 hours.  The swelling went away after a month treatment
(twice/week).  I stopped medication right way.  I rarely suffer any discomfort from arthritis
anymore, even in cold, damp weather.  Before acupuncture I had sleeping problem and
I was tired all the time.   Now I feel great and sleep very well.  Now I only come once a
while for a maintenance care to prevent feature health problem.             
Dr. Chi is sensitive to my needs, very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.  Dr. Chi does not
rush the appointments and takes time to listen and address all my concerns.  I highly
recommend her to everyone.  J. D.  Sep, 26, 2007


                                                              Chronic Headache                                 

I had migraine headaches, which started 15 years ago at menopause.  Some were mild, but still required medication. Others were severe.  At the time I started acupuncture I was getting a migraine every other week, and frequency had been increasing. I had been treated by a physician, who prescribed medicine, which worked when I got a headache, but didn’t affect their frequency. I found that regular massages helped minimally.  A friend, Beth M, referred me to Dr. Chi. But I was afraid of needles, since nothing helped my headache, I decided will try and see.  I started acupuncture treatment twice a week, and noticed improvement almost immediately.  Acupuncture relieved both the frequency and the intensity of the headaches.  I’ve had one light headache in the last four months.  Now I come every three weeks for maintenance care.  I’ve always been very healthy, but I’ve felt particular good since starting acupuncture treatment.  I like Dr. Chi very much; She is sympathetic, understanding and very personable.                                                    

R. H.  March 13, 2008 




Nov. 17, 2006
My condition was unexplained infertility. I had a miscarriage in September of 2005, which resulted in a
D & C. My husband and I had been trying to have another baby (we have a 3 year-old
daughter) since November 2005.
We tried month after month, but I did not get pregnant. I went to my OB-GYN doctor for my infertility. He
put me on Clomid,progesterone, did an HSG, (to test my fallopian tubes), tested my hormone
levels and performed several ultrasounds. My doctor never addressed my concerns
about my abnormal period since my miscarriage.
My period was short, light, dark color, clotty and sandy, plus spotting for few days. He told me that I was
getting older, (I'm only 33!), and that periods change over time. He said miscarriages happen in about 50%
pregnant women. After his treatments, I still did not get pregnant that made me very disappointed and frustrated.
I was depressed, anxious, worried and stressed over not being able to get pregnant.
After I read the book, "The Infertility Cure," by Randine Lewis I thought that I should try acupuncture. I
found Dr. Chi from the phone book. Before I started the acupuncture, I was
afraid of needles and I was not sure the acupuncture would help me. My first acupuncture
treatment was in October of 2006. After the first treatment, my breast tenderness,
anxiety and fatigue changed. After two treatments my irritability and depression changed. Each
week my symptoms got much better, the improvement was huge! I was pregnant after four
weeks of treatments!!
I went twice a week at beginning. Now I only go once a week for acupuncture treatment to prevent miscarriage.
I really like Dr. Chi. She is nice, very caring, and very hopeful. I am very happy with her.
J. O.


Dizziness, Fatigue, Anxiety, Mood Swing, Hot Flashes
Nov. 17, 2006

In early of year 2000, I experienced dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, mood swing, hot flashes, abdominal bloating, chills, fluid in the ear and facial pain......this continued for months. These symptoms really bothered me. I felt my body was "shut down". Then I went to my medical doctor, she put me on an anti-anxiety drug which made my symptoms worse. Then told me, "I need to send you to a psychologist" and that made me really unhappy.
My friend, S. W., referred me to Dr. Chi. The first time I saw her was in the Middleton clinic in May 2000. She explained to me how I got my symptoms and how the acupuncture could treat them. I started acupuncture treatments twice a week and took the Chinese herbal tea as well. After two months of treatments, I felt so much better. Many symptoms were gone, and my other symptoms were getting much better. I had more energy and was very happy. Over time, Dr. Chi has treated me for sinus congestion, headache, allergy and osteoarthritis (TMJ, back, foot and knee pain). Years before, I was told by a neurologist that I'd end up not being able to walk due to the PAIN. Now my headache is gone, my sinus congestion is very minimum and the pain is controlled very well. I have acupuncture once every two or three weeks for maintenance care. I'm still walking, biking and doing other exercises.
With the help of Dr. Chi, I got myself back. Acupuncture has really worked for me. Each time during the treatment, the "relaxation" is a special "PLUS."
Dr. Chi is kind, caring and knowledgeable. She treats her patients with her healing touch. She has the God given gift of healing. If any one needs acupuncture, I will recommend her or him to Dr. Chi.
K. M.

From: M. V.(miscarriage)

We had two sons and were hoping for a third child. I had my first miscarriage between my sons in 1999. After that I had 3 more miscarriages in a row while trying to conceive our third child. Whenever I ask my gynecologist what could have been the cause of my miscarriages, there was no answer. I went through exhaustive ultrasounds, blood tests, and so on, there was not an apparent reason. One of my 11 weeks old fetus was tested for chromosome disorders and nothing was found. My doctor would say: "miscarriages happen in about 1/3 of pregnant women and they happen sometimes just out of the blue. It is nature's way to deal with that are not fully normal".
Frustrated of not finding anything medically wrong with me, I went through the Internet searching for answers on multiple miscarriage. I find a fertility clinic site, contacted them and they advised me to find local acupuncturist. They reinforce that for some reason acupuncture can help women with multiple miscarriages. I was nervous to think about acupuncture, just picture it: lying down flat with a whole bunch of needles stuck in my body was not a very peaceful thought! But I was willing to anything so I could have this baby.

I called several acupuncturists and find that Dr. Chi. What I really liked off the start was that she was willing to work me into her schedule for an appointment fairly soon. On our first interview she recognized the signs of my "treatable condition". It was so relieving to find someone who could make sense out of everything! I felt very reassured and right away liked her kind and friendly personality. She took notes of every symptom that have and always made the time to explain things for me.
I right away felt changes in my energy level, the quality of my sleep and my periods were not as uncomfortable. Roughly a year after I started acupuncture conceived my third child and throughout the 3 months of my pregnancy continued the treatment to prevent a miscarriage. The other option from my gynecologist was to use progesterone suppositories on a daily basis for the first trimester, when I read the side effects I opted for acupuncture.

All in all, I can say even though I was not as young as when I had my first and second child, this was my BEST pregnancy! I had minimum discomfort and my energy was optimal in comparison.
Today when I see my 20 month old daughter all I can think of is all the happiness we owe to Doctor Chi, we wouldn't have our daughter Nina(her name means Grace of God) if it wasn't for doctor Chi's work and the faith we in the Almighty.
Whenever I run into people that are told by doctors "this is normal" or "there is no symptom of a treatable illness" I tell them to give acupuncture a try. I always carry her cards in my purse.
Thanks a million Dr. Chi!

Back Pain

I suffered with low back pain for many years. I was treated with extensive chiropractor care and medical management with anti-inflammatory drugs, muscle relaxants, pain medications and steroids. After the pain became intolerable and uncontrollable, I was sent for an M R I and a consultation with a neurosurgeon. During the consultation, I asked about acupuncture and was encouraged by the neurosurgeon to pursue it. My medical doctor also explained that acupuncture is a very appropriate and successful form of treatment for back pain.
Dr. Chi was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I made an appointment and began my road to recovery. I started with acupuncture and Tui Na (Chinese Therapeutic Massage ) three times a week and later began taking Chinese herbs. I have continued to take the herbs and to see Dr. Chi for acupuncture and Tui Na for three months and I feel the best that I have felt in years. The pain is minimal and often no longer present. My overall sense of well being has greatly improved.

During this time I developed a deep interest in Chinese medicine and began to read more about it. I discovered that many things that are not well explained in Western medicine are well understood in Chinese medicine. Life is about balance. When we are out of balance our systems do not work well. For example, certain foods in the diet have a great effect on the body systems, not just for the vitamin/mineral content. By balancing the diet, a greater harmony can be achieved.

I came to Dr. Chi hoping to gain control over chronic back pain. I have gained that control and much ,much more. I have also increased my sense of well being and improved health.

Thank You, Dr. Chi

By the way, I am a working Registered Nurse with 30 years of experience in Internal Medicine!

Anonymous, Janesville, Wisconsin written November 7, 2005

Shingles Pain
I had shingles on my left forehead for seventeen years. Seventeen years ago, I was in the hospital for five days because of severe pain from shingles. The condition was so severe and the doctor was watching my eye so I would not loose my eyesight. Since then, I had the pain on my left forehead. When I did some activities it bothered me a lot. It made me feel bad. The pain medication never got rid of my pain.
Finally, I was referred by a Chiropractor to Dr. Chi's clinic. Before I started the acupuncture treatment, I was afraid of needles. But after the first acupuncture treatment, I realized that needles Did Not hurt at all. I was very relaxed during the treatment.
After almost three months of acupuncture treatments, my pain from shingles almost disappeared. Much to my Surprise, my blood pressure was lower(little too high before), my arm pain and poor circulation(cold hands) were also improved which I did not expect. Now I only come once in a while for maintenance treatment to keep me healthy.

I really believe in acupuncture. It's amazing!
V. T.
                                         Migraine Headache         
My migraine headaches are Genetic-- My father had them too. As I become older, the headaches become more severe-- causing my Blood Pressure to spike to 240/120 mmHg. Ten years Ago, I have been on migraine prevention medication since.Approximately 20 years ago the internist I went to sent me to a Neurologist--Who at that time gave me medication for “headaches”---I quite taking it when the headaches left. A number of years later I had massive headaches that sent me to the Dr.’s office in pain, my blood pressure was 240/120 mmHg. I had to stay there for four weeks while several Blood pressure medications were given.  Finally with four different pills the blood pressure came down and the headache went away. As the Time passed I was on round the clock medication for headaches.  The pill all has side effects and is very expensive.   One day, my hairdresser referral me to Dr. Chi.  I started acupuncture, hoping to reduce or eliminated migraine medication.  In the beginning I had acupuncture twice a week for about two months.  I stopped taking tylenol daily right away as soon as I  was sure of a big improvement.  So far I have cut off 2 kinds medication  (was taken daily) and have one more kind to go.--slowly. Now I don’t have headache most time. Other than the headache, the acupuncture also helped my arthritis (in my back and knees) and  sinus problems.                
I like Dr. Chi , she is great-- very smart, kind, caring and gentle person.  She would certainly help a person with a problem if she could.  

 H. A.    Oct 16, 2008             


Nov.1st. 2006            I just started having hot flashes from menopause in 2003. Since then I had hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, “phlegm” in my throat and terrible constipation. All of my symptoms were quite severe. Because of the symptoms, I could not sleep well and tired easily. I could not concentrate when I was working and my life became less enjoyable. My gynecologist referred me to acupuncture for my menopause symptoms.           I came to Chi’s Acupuncture in May 2004 and started acupuncture treatment with Dr. Chi. At the beginning, I came three time per week for a little while then went down to twice a week for a few months. Besides the acupuncture, I also took Chinese herbal medicines. The needle treatment was very relaxing and it was not painful at all.  After my menopausal symptoms were getting much better (little to no hot flashes), then I came once a week for acupuncture treatment. The interesting thing is that my tennis elbow (pain in elbow), plantar fasciatis (pain in feet), and ear pain were all improved, which I did not expect. So acupuncture has cured or  helped me with all of my health problems. Another thing that I really like about acupuncture is that it is so natural and has no side effects. It treats the underlying cause and makes the body rebalanced, it does not just mask the symptoms.  Now I am healthy and my life is more enjoyable again.   

J. C. 

 Post-operative failure to recover

 Three weeks after abdominal adhesion surgery, I was still unable to keep any food on my stomach and had lost 13 pounds.  The doctors had given me nausea and stomach function meds, but they weren’t working, and I was feeling more toxic by the day.  Normally a very healthy person, I now couldn’t walk across the room without my heart pounding with the effort.  My intestinal track was still half-dormant from the surgical anesthetic.  In the hospital, I had developed double pneumonia, post-op anemia, electrolyte imbalance, and an anemic heart murmur.  Now I didn’t want to do anything, even read.  I just lay motionless on the bed.  My family was alarmed, and my daughter launched an inter-net search to find a remedy.  She came upon scientific studies indicating that acupuncture was effective in restoration of the gastric system after surgery and in energy reactivation.  She found Dr. Chi’s name, and that how I come to acupuncture.  On my own, I wouldn’t even have thought of it nor had confidence it would help me.   When I first saw Dr. Chi, I remember feeling so weak I had to support my head against the wall.  She was kind, attentive, thorough and professional, and I like her immediately.  The acupuncture was not painful, as I had anticipated.  When I left the room, my cheeks were rosy and I felt peaceful.  In the next 12 hours, my intestines “woke up” and I was making trip after trip to the bathroom.  The next morning, I awoke feeling as if a fog that had separated me from the world had lifted.  My brain was back and physically, I felt more like my old self, though still weak. Dr. Chi continued to treat me twice a week and within three weeks, I was my old self again—energetic, hungry and ready for fun and work.  It was as if a miracle had happened.  She provided herbal supplements that worked, unlike the meds I had been taking.  The absence of side effects is one the aspects I most value.  I no longer feel like a toxic waste dump, but rather lighter, freer, and full of life.  I thought after three weeks I was completely restored, but I have continued treatment, and I feel better and better---better then I’ve felt in several years—with focus, a quieter spirit, and energy that I don’t even remember having. I still don’t fully understand the mechanics of acupuncture, but it makes sense to me that a culture that’s been practicing it for millennia has developed what works, and I feel so fortunate to have a top-flight experienced professional like Dr. Chi treating me.  Like I said, I feel as though a miracle has happened.  P   B,  Ph. D.   May, 29, 2009