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Chinese infant massage is gentle, safe, effective and very useful in alleviating a wide range of disorders and some common childhood complaints.Even the smallest babies can be treated very effectively.This video brings Chinese infant massage to life in an easy-to-learn format.It is essential viewing for practitioners, students and interested parents and makes the books on the subject more accessible.

A Illustration of Infant Chinese Massage

This video demonstrates common techniques and massage media, the locations and indication of massage areas, points that are unique to Chinese Pediatrics, and some common pathologies. It also includes a general health massage that is easy to learn and simple to apply.

The video price is 29.00 dollars each.
To order the video, please send the payment (price plus the shipping and handling fee) to:

Dr. Yingchun Chi
1 Odana Court, #A  
Madison, WI 53719

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